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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Dream Boy

My dream guy is ...

I want an awesome skaterboy
Who's not afraid to show some tears
And never would use me as a toy
A boy that hasnt shed all fears

I want a sweet skater
That would care for me
A boy thats not a trader
So we could always be

I want a boy that is perfect
Just the way he is

I hope to have a boy,
That would hold me in his arms
While sitting on a rock with me
Gazing at the stars

I want a boy,
That would call me his baby
And I would be his only lady
He would hug me from behind
'Couse ofcourse I wouldnt mind

I want a boy,
That would stay with me
Every second of the day
Always just to make sure,
That I was feeling okay

I want a boy thats tough
One I can run to cying
And the first thing he says is ...
"Whos ass am I kicking today?"

I want a boy whos tough
But can always be sensitive
A boy that sheds some tears
And shows a little fear

I want a boy I can cuddle with
That will hold me in his arms
A boy that will hug me from behind
And doesnt live to far

I want a boy that doesnt cheat
A boy whos always there for me
A boy whos in love with me
And one that always will be

In other words
I want a boy
That is pefect
But I guess I'll never get that
So the closest I'll ever get to that
Is a sensitive skaterboy!

A Magic Moment I Remember

A magic moment I remember:
I raised my eyes and you were there,
A fleeting vision, the quintessence
Of all that's beautiful and rare.

I pray to mute despair and anguish,
To vain pursuits the world esteems,
Long did I near your soothing accents,
Long did your features haunt my dreams.

Time passed. A rebel storm-blast scattered
The reveries that once were mine
And I forgot your soothing accents,
Your features gracefully divine.

In dark days of enforced retirement
I gazed upon grey skies above
With no ideals to inspire me,
No one to cry for, live for, love.

Then came a moment of renaissance,
I looked up - you again are there,
A fleeting vision, the quintessence
Of all that`s beautiful and rare.

The Alarm Clock

Every morning I lie there innocently sleeping 
When the peace is ruptured by a horrible beeping. 
My serenity ripped asunder, sudden and drastic 
By this evil, demonic, red-eyed piece of plastic. 
I roll over in pain and pound on the snooze, 
Groaning, moaning, thinking 'What's there to lose?' 
'Don't make me get up, just nine minutes more. 
' The same thing I've said every morning before. 

It's not that I hate mornings or dread the new day. 
It's just that I loathe waking up in this way. 
I'd much rather simply rise up with the light, 
Glowing in the window, chasing away the night. 
But the sudden screaming, the incessant fuss, 
Makes me want to yell and cry and simply to cuss. 
Especially the knowledge that all of my sorrow 
Will be repeated the same time, same way, tomorrow.