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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Dream Boy

My dream guy is ...

I want an awesome skaterboy
Who's not afraid to show some tears
And never would use me as a toy
A boy that hasnt shed all fears

I want a sweet skater
That would care for me
A boy thats not a trader
So we could always be

I want a boy that is perfect
Just the way he is

I hope to have a boy,
That would hold me in his arms
While sitting on a rock with me
Gazing at the stars

I want a boy,
That would call me his baby
And I would be his only lady
He would hug me from behind
'Couse ofcourse I wouldnt mind

I want a boy,
That would stay with me
Every second of the day
Always just to make sure,
That I was feeling okay

I want a boy thats tough
One I can run to cying
And the first thing he says is ...
"Whos ass am I kicking today?"

I want a boy whos tough
But can always be sensitive
A boy that sheds some tears
And shows a little fear

I want a boy I can cuddle with
That will hold me in his arms
A boy that will hug me from behind
And doesnt live to far

I want a boy that doesnt cheat
A boy whos always there for me
A boy whos in love with me
And one that always will be

In other words
I want a boy
That is pefect
But I guess I'll never get that
So the closest I'll ever get to that
Is a sensitive skaterboy!

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